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The tape bundeling machine was developed to provide a semi-automatic solution to ensure the helical wrapping of long goods with tape.
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Klebeband bündeln

Bundeling of long goods and profiles of all kinds with adhesive tape


  • the package stop can be set as required
  • the machine is equipped with a quick-change device for packing material
  • the BMK excludes product damage
  • the tape tension is infinitely adjustable
  • the machine is ready to plug in, no installation required
  • the BMK ist fast usable on different places and very easy transport
  • static packing material charges are excluded
BMK-45 - Klebeband-Bündelmaschine
Specifications of the adhesive tape
Dimensions of the tape roll:
Width: 50 mm  
Roll diameter:   max. 200 mm  
Sleeve diameter: 76 mm


Electric control: SIEMENS
Control voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz, 24 V
Operating voltage: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, N, PE
Fuse and power consumption:  20 A,  2.5 kW
Pneumatics: (Festo) air pressure: 6 bar dried, cleaned and oil-free
Max. feed pressure: 8 bar
Noise emission:  < 70 db(A)
Machine weight: max. 950 kg
Operating side: in the conveying direction to the left , unless otherwise agreed
Color: Machine RAL 7032, grey; protective cage RAL 5010, blue
Roller conveyor height: 850 mm
Wrap ring inner diamter: 450 mm


  • regulation of winding ring motor by SIEMENS frequency controller
  • package material holder equipped with sensitive , infinitely adjustable brake
  • cutting device for clamping and cutting of the tape
  • pneumatic pressure roller for fixing the product
  • automatic work cycle by light barriers and PLC controller
  • switchable between manual and automatic modes
(Technical modifications reserved)

CE compliant protection device

The machine has a closed guard for the rotation range of packing material rolls.
Including door for changing the packing material rolls locked via safety switch.
With open door, no  machine part can be operated.
The wrapping ring is covered by an inner ring in the rotation area.
The machine complies with the prescribed from 2010 Machinery Directive 2006/ 42 / EC in Europe and the safety standard EN 954-1


Ejector system

Mounted on the outlet side of the machine, this system enables easy automation of the packaging process.
The operator hereby has the opportunity to package several products consecutively. The products are automatically buffered and can be removed batchwise from the ejector system.

Conveying systems

With investment of fully automatic wrapping machine often the task of material handling is to consider.
According to your rationalization level we are able to offer further system parts:  

  • Conveying systems
  • Querfördersysteme Cross conveyor systems
  • Scales
  • Destacking systems
  • Ejection table
  • etc.

BMK-45 - Detailansicht
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