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BSB-100 / 120 SX

The twist wrapping machine was developed to apply a semi-automatic solution for wrapping ring-shaped products such as tires with packaging material (typically stretch film) in a spiral mode.
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Einwickeln von Ringgütern
Overview machines for
ring-shaped products
BSB-100 Ringgut-Wickelmaschine
BSB-100 Ringgut-Wickelmaschine
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Data sheet BSB-100 / 120 SX

  • packaging accepted by all parcel services
  • absolutely safe for transportation
  • high efficiency
  • extremely low cost of consumables and energy
  • easy operation
  • divergent products can be packed in bundles or entirely wrapped to convenience
  • no set-up times required
  • machine operating at low noise level

Products for wrapping

Single tires and piles of tires, two-wheeler tires, special tires, all kinds of tires with and without rim, wheel rimsin cardboard, packages including accessories (e.g. inner tubes, etc.) possible, cable rings, wire coils, cable reels, tube collars, etc.

Product dimensions

Height: 50 - 500 mm
Diameter: 300 - 850 mm
other dimensions available upon request

Wrapping/packaging materials

Cross bandage, partial packaging and entire wrapping possible using the following packaging materials:

PE stretch film, PE film, UV protective film, coloured and printed film, etc.
width: up to 125 mm
core diameter: 76 mm


high capacity achievable
semi-automatic operation is possible
interfaces for balances, marking and labelling systems as well as integration into commercial logistic software applications possible
electrically driven height adjustment of the wrapping unit
automatic gadget cutting and clamping the packaging material
quick-change unit for wrapping material coils
continuously variable film tension/strain
PLC: Siemens
pneumatics: Festo

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