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Customer support

H.Böhl provides their customers a comprehensive product and service program.To build excellent machines is one thing but quality and reliability of the after sales organisation is as well an important point for the security of investment of our customers.
We know that support service to our customers don’t ends with the delivering of the machine. We know it and - we live it.

Our world wide service net and our service station in Hilden are a solid base of our after-sales service. That means if worth comes to the worst spare parts or assembly operators are quickly on the way to you.

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Requests for replacement parts:

Phone: 00800 - 7446 6331 (free hotline)
Fax:       00800 - 7446 6632 (free hotline)

Bianca Pöschk

Doris Schütz

Christian Braun


Technical support:

Thorsten Kamke
Phone:    02103/96067-7500
Fax:          02103/96067-7510
Mobile:  0172 2448312


Thomas Köppeler
Fax:         02103/96067-7510
Mobile: 0173/7331388

Service Manager Germany & Benelux:

André Straschewski
Phone:   02103/96067-7452
Fax:         02103/96067-7204
Mobile: 0172/4697286
Requests for service:

Tel.: 00800 - 7446 6333 (free hotline)
Fax: 00800 - 7446 6334 (free hotline)

Frank Weckmann
Phone:   02103/96067-7451
Mobile: 0173/5205742
Fax: 02103/96067-7204

Sascha Nitsche
Phone: 02103/96067-7203
Fax:       02103/96067-7204


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