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SENIOR/S-2200 VA,  /S-2400 VA, /S-2500 VA, /S-2600 VA,
/S-2800 VA, /S-3000 VA  

Fully automatic twist wrapping machine for all kinds of profiles and long products with high production capacity in modular design. Conveyor technology is adapted specifically to the product (e.g. roller track, belt or chain conveyor).
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Einwickeln von Langgütern
Overview machines for
long-shaped products

All kinds of long products and profiles complying with the dimensions specified below

Download PDF SENIOR/S-2200 - 3000 VA
Data sheet SENIOR/S-2200 bis S-3000 VA

  • high efficiency
  • wide range of applicability
  • divergent products can be packed in bundles or entirely wrapped to convenience
  • no risk of product damage
  • extremely low cost of consumables and energy
  • machine operating at low noise level
  • no set-up times required
  • modular design
  • product specific conveyor technology
  • integration in production lines possible

SENIOR/S-2000 VA + TotalPack
Product dimensions:

Senior/S-2200 VA
200 - 2,000 mm
100 - 1,850 mm
2,100 mm
Senior/S-2400 VA
200 - 2,150 mm
100 - 1,950 mm
2,300 mm
Senior/S-2500 VA
200 - 2,250 mm
100 - 2,050 mm
2,400 mm
Max. cross-section diagonal:
Senior/S-2600 VA
300 - 2,350 mm
100 - 2,100 mm
2,500 mm
Senior/S-2800 VA
300 - 2,450 mm
100 - 2,200 mm
2,700 mm
Senior/S-2800 VA
300 - 2,600 mm
100 - 2,400 mm
2,900 mm
Max. cross-section diagonal:

Wrapping/packaging materials

PE stretch film, VCI stretch film, PE film, crepe paper, etc.
Width: up to 500 mm
Core diameter: 76 mm


Dimensions (width x depth x height):depending on the specific design
Control voltage: 24 VDC
Line voltage: 400 V – 50 Hz, 3-phase


This customer-oriented solution can be adapted to almost any project requirements.
Also available with other wrapping material dimensions (125, 165, 250 or 500 mm).
Also available as total pack (6 side packaging).

Further features

The machine can be delivered conforming to CE guidelines and according to the latest technical guidelines for industrial machinery.
Further, the machine can be integrated into an overall safety concept without protective fence.

Machine drawing (example)
Maschinen-Layout SENIOR/2200 bis 3000 VA
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